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Blue tits, science and sex

4th October 2018

Blue tits, science and sex

A brightly coloured male with a nesting box is a great catch for a female blue tit. One of the fascinating things that Martin Stenning from the University of Sussex told Science for All at their October meeting. He has conducted years of research into blue tit behaviour in the Woodland Trust's beautiful Lake Wood near Uckfield (photo reproduced by kind permission of Woodland Trust). These feisty, intelligent birds have learned that cigarette ends make good nesting material because the nicotine can act as an insecticide. They time the incubation of their eggs to coincide with the opening buds of oak trees and subsequent supply of caterpillars. By learning and adapting to modern life blue tits are thriving and their numbers are increasing.

The next talk on Thursday 1st November at Sevenoaks Memorial Hall at 14.30 hours, is "An Insight into MRI and its applications" by Karen Mullinger. As well as experiencing an interesting talk you get tea/coffee and biscuits all for the princely sum of £2!

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