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Book Club 1

9th July 2020

Book Club 1

We have had several ZOOM book group meetings and are getting used to this "modern way" of communicating. Of course it's a compromise but it means we can keep our group going and apart from discussing the books we have read we enjoy catching up with each other.

Unfortunately we have lost two of our group due to moving away and another is taking a break due to other commitments. That means we are down to just six members and could really do with recruiting two more to join us. This is difficult in the present circumstances as l really think new people need to join an actual meeting rather than a virtual one. Do you agree? Hopefully things will have moved forward by end of September and we'll be able to have our Open Day.

Here are the last three books we have read:

"Once upon a River" by Diane Setterfield

An historical, mystery set in the and around the villages of the upper reaches of the Thames. The story begins on a midwinter's night when regulars of an ancient inn are gathered around amusing themselves by telling tales and drinking.

The door bursts open and an injured stranger, with a dead girl in his arms enters the inn. Hours later the dead girl stirs and returns to life.

Who is this girl and from where has she come? The story has many twist and turns as the mystery unfolds and will keep you guessing till the end!

"Before the Coffee Gets Cold" by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Set in Japanese coffee shop in which there is a particular seat, normally occupied by a ghostly woman dressed in white who sits drinking coffee and reading a book. When this "ghost" leaves the seat once a day to visit the toilet other people are able to sit in the seat and travel back in time. Whilst in the seat they are served coffee and then travel back in time, but only before the coffee goes cold.

They must understand that even though they are able to travel back in time nothing will change the future.

A strange and very different book but interesting if you are into time travelling!

"The Foundling" by Stacey Halls

Set in 17th century London among the squalor and dreadful living conditions of the time for ordinary working people contrasted with the well off merchant and professional classes.

The story of a poor working girl who finds herself expecting a child after a casual encounter with a married man who subsequently dies before the child is born.

With no support she has no option but to take her daughter to the Foundling Hospital the very day she is born.

After six long years she has saved the £2 she needs to reclaim her daughter, only to be told that her daughter was claimed and removed from the hospital the very day she was taken there. What has happened to her and where can she be?

Looking forward to the day we can get back to normal and start enjoying our groups once again.

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