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Gresham College Talks

1st May 2020

Gresham College Talks

We started a new monthly seminar series last November using the Gresham College lectures. The available lectures cover a wider range of topics including geology, astronomy, medical advances, psychology, music, film, mathematics, information technology, environmental issues and a broad range of historical topics. In the absence of watching and discussing the lectures at Holmesdale once a month, the group members plan to watch lectures at home but sharing views and comments via email.

All past lectures are available online and can be watched at home on your computer, laptop or on your television if you have one which provides access to the Internet. Just go to

The lectures are presented by experts in their field, and last about an hour. They are worth exploring and you should find them very stimulating. Recent talks have included:

Sir Joseph Bazalgette and the Cleansing of the Victorian Metropolis

Biometrics: How Unique are You?

Slavery and the City of London

Weighing the Universe

150 years of the Periodic Table

Sir Thomas Gresham and the Tudor Court

Making New Plants: a History

And there are many more!

Why not take in a talk - there well worth having a look

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