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London Studies 5 Visit Marlborough House

23rd August 2018

London Studies 5 Visit Marlborough House

Marlborough House

London Studies 5 and invited members of London Studies 2 had a very enjoyable tour of Marlborough House, which stands on Pall Mall.

The house was created by Sarah Churchill, first Duchess of Marlborough. Sir Christopher Wren was the original architect. Descendants occupied the house until 1817. It was then occupied by King Leopold and Queen Adelaide. In 1840 she gave a wedding banquet to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It was finally offered to King Edward V11 as an official residence.

In all, it has been the town residence of five Dukes and Duchesses of Marlborough, three dowager Queens, three Princes of Wales, the future Kings Edward V11, George V and Edward V111, and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, before he became King of the Belgians.

Today it serves as the international headquarters of the Commonwealth.

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