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Science Group get a briefing about innovative nuclear reactors and hold its first quiz night!

5th December 2019

Science Group get a briefing about innovative nuclear reactors and hold its first quiz night!

Knole's Science Group has just completed its 7th year of organising and hosting a wide range of talks and the December talk by Dr Mel Draper CBE was particularly rewarding. Dr Draper gave us a thorough briefing about the research underway to develop innovative nuclear power reactors that offer promise of more efficient power generation in the future. The breadth of reactors now under development was quite amazing. Dr Draper explained that while a number of these "generation 4" reactors are at the demonstration phase, they are not expected to be available for commercial development for a number of years.

Knole Science Group is an open group so why not come along to hear a talk. The next talk on 6th February is on "Architectural Glass by Chris Stewart. Meetings are currently held at Holmesdale Bowling Club on the first Thursday of the month from 2.30 - 4.30 pm.

Science Quiz Night

The Science Group also organised its first Quiz Night on the 2nd January at Miller and Carter. The quiz was ably led by Peter Dixon who also prepared the eclectic range of questions that thankfully included a number of non-science questions amongst some more fiendishly difficult science ones. Some of the questions are below - Have a go at answering them! Answers in the March Newsletter.

A further Quiz will be organised later this year and details will appear on the website and newsletter.

Sample of Questions:

Which two famous scientists' names are the anagrams 'Astonish Demo' and 'Natural Gin'?

Complete this sequence: Inner Core, Purer Core, Crust, .....?

What is the common name of "Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis"?

How many human chromosomes are there?

In Einstein's famous equation E = mc2 what does 'c' represent?

Thanks to Ford Prefect's researches, how was Earth's entry in 'Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy' amended?

What one word links Caviar, Isinglass, and the southside of Glasgow?

The world's first commercial nuclear power station was opened in 1956 in which country?

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