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January 2018

Science Group Committee talk about their favourite scientists

The Royal Society, London - a Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists

The Royal Society, London – a Fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists

After mince pies and a glass of mulled wine science group members heard all about the life and discoveries of some of the favourite scientists of the Science Group Committee. These included Dmitri Mendeleev the scientist behind the development of the Periodic Table as we know it today; Madame Curie who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity; James Clerk Maxwell who formulated (amongst many other things) the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation; and Ada Lovelace who became the world’s first computer programmer (and was also the daughter of Lord Byron).

The 1st February meeting of the Science Group is a talk by one of the senior scientists at the renown Barts Cancer Research Institute, Dr Stuart McDonald – “Why is Cancer difficult to treat?”. The talk will start at 2.30 pm at Sevenoaks Weald Memorial Hall. All Science Group meetings open to all Knole U3A Members  and members from  local U3As.


The Industrial Heritage Group hear all about our Canal history

The derelict Tonbridge - Penshurst Canal at Haysden

The derelict Tonbridge – Penshurst Canal at Haysden

The Industrial Heritage Group now has 22 members keen on researching and presenting talks about our industrial past. Most of the talks to date have very much focused on the industrial past of Kent and the Wealden District, but we are now starting to spread our wings and look wider afield but still include local content. The talk in January ably presented by Chris Lewis, covered the early history of canal building in Britain particularly the engineering and surveying work of the likes of James Brindley, Hugh Henshall, Josiah Clowes, Robert Whitworth and Thomas Dadford. Our February meeting will cover canal building in Kent currently being researched by Mark Hammer.

Further talks currently being researched by our members include – “From Caxton to The Courier – a history of printing in Kent”, “Kentish Architecture as influenced by Geology”, and “the influence of the Royal Navy on industries in Kent.” 

Alan Heyes


Gallery Group 1 has a full on day of art!

Soutine exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery

Soutine exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery

Our Group meets monthly and has started this year studying different aspects of portraiture. Beginning with Cezanne and Chaim Soutine we will continue by visiting Modigliani in March. At our discussion meeting we will compare and contrast what we have learned about the approach, colour and use of materials and so on of these three artists.

Later this year we are including visits to Charles II exhibition, Art after World War 1 and Oceania – Art of the South Pacific.

National Portrait Gallery - Cezanne exhibition

National Portrait Gallery – Cezanne exhibition

Caroline Julius

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