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Crochet for beginners

This is a short course of six sessions, starting Thursday 28 September, from 12-3pm.  The longer session allows members to drop in when it suits them. We learn and practise the basic stitches and how to control tension.  We learn how to read a printed pattern and members should be able to complete a simple item by the end of the course.   Magda Sweetland:     Meetings: Thursday afternoon for 6 weeks

English Concertina   

The group has been working on a varied repertoire now consisting of well over 50 pieces ranging from Swing Low Sweet Chariot to Nellie The Elephant including a number of folk songs and Christmas Carols. Most of our pieces involve part playing and we tend to work from printed music.

Above all we aim to enjoy our music and we have previously played for senior clubs and for some charity fund raising and are now planning further events. Occasionally we have joint sessions with one of the U3A Recorder Groups and these sessions have been most enjoyable. It’s really surprising how very well the 11 instruments sound when played together.   Our membership is down to 4 and we are determined to continue to develop our experience with the Concertina but we would be delighted to consider anyone new who is interested in learning to play the instrument. It would be better if they can already read music and have already had some experience playing another instrument but these are not necessarily prerequisites. We will be pleased to give advice and guidance to anyone interested.        Do please call me if you would like to know more about our group.   Dave Robson: Alternate Mondays 2 – 4


This group welcomes both beginners and those with experience.  The aim is to help each other and enjoy developing new craft skills whilst making useful items.  We have a rota so each member demonstrates a new craft skill. So far we have covered (and will return to) card making, Iris folding, Christmas decorations, dried pressed flowers, mosaics, bead making, picture framing, calligraphy, patchwork, decoupage and printing.  Future topics to include quilting, collage, rubber stamping, stitch-work and knitting as well as other areas members wish to explore.

Susan Hurst       Meetings: 1st Tuesday 2-4pm

Jewellery Making

We make necklaces, earrings and bracelets etc. using beads, wire and thread. All tools and materials can be provided.  Please bring any items you would like to adapt or redesign.    Beryl Mancuso:    1st and 3rd Thursday, 10-12

Painting And Drawing

This group is a friendly group who enjoy all types of painting and drawing. We have a whole range of capabilities from the experienced to novices.  There is no agenda other than to enjoy yourself. So if you would like to discover that hidden talent – come and join us. Each session costs £2 to cover the cost of the hall. We meet at the Holmesdale Bowling Club. We currently have a waiting list but intend to start a second group once we find someone to provide technical support for our classes.      Peter Smith:   2nd Thursday, 2 – 4

Singing For Pleasure

A group where people enjoy sharing the singing of a wide variety of songs i.e. folk, blues, jazz, country, popular, etc. We also learn harmony where possible to enhance our songs. We have a small group of musicians who accompany the singing.     Pam Button:      Last Friday, 2 – 4, Holmesdale Bowls Club

Sourdough Bread 

This is a short half-day course, which is intended for those interested in learning how to make Sourdough bread. Tuition on ordinary bread making for beginners also can be arranged. One to one tuition and guaranteed to take home a loaf plus a starter kit to make your own!   Alan Heyes:  Meetings: at times to suit members