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Groups with Vacancies

English Concertina

The group has been working on a varied repertoire now consisting of well over 50 pieces ranging from Swing Low Sweet Chariot to Nellie The Elephant including a number of folk songs and Christmas Carols. Most of our pieces involve part playing and we tend to work from printed music.         Above all we aim to enjoy our music and we have previously played for senior clubs and for some charity fund raising and are now planning further events. Occasionally we have joint sessions with one of the U3A Recorder Groups and these sessions have been most enjoyable. it’s really surprising how very well the 11 instruments sound when played together.     Our membership is down to 4 and we are determined to continue to develop our experience with the Concertina but we would be delighted to consider anyone new who is interested in learning to play the instrument. It would be better if you can already read music and have already had some experience playing another instrument but these are not necessarily prerequisites. We will be pleased to give them advice and guidance to anyone interested.  Do please call me if you would like to know more about our group.
Dave Robson ( 01959 5325917 dave@davewrobson.co.uk

Ballroom Dancing

A small group of Knole dancing enthusiasts are rekindling their skills of years ago by meeting fortnightly at the Medway School of Dancing for an hour’s tuition to go over the basic steps of Ballroom and Latin.  The cost is in proportion to the group size. We are looking for additional members, particularly male, to make the group viable.  Lesley & Richard Jolly

Topical Talks

This is not a current affairs group, although most of our discussions do relate to the way we live now and the individual and corporate decisions we make. Our aim is to promote lively and free flowing discussion on moral and ethical issues, topical and historical. Members undertake research presenting a case for or against their chosen topic to stimulate discussion amongst the group. We plan to meet monthly at The Bullfinch, Riverhead, time and date at present under review.  Sylvia Tillotson

Painting and Drawing – 2

Our first painting and drawing group is now full and a waiting list has been initiated to hopefully get sufficient numbers to start a second group. If you are interested please contact the group coordinators. In particular we would like someone who has the confidence and skill to organise the practical aspects. (They need not be the group contact). Alternatively the group might develop making use of available internet tuition packages or each member agreeing to research a technique and then pass on the skill to other members. The Group Coordinators are also exploring the potential to establish a shared group with another local U3A group.  Peter Smith