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Potential New Groups

Potential New Groups

Knole groups seeking new members to make
them viable

You will be able to find out more about these groups at the Open Day on Monday 25th September.

Acoustic Music and Song:       I enjoy playing guitar (badly) and singing folky-type songs and would enjoy meeting up with like-minded dabblers in musical instruments such as guitar, flute, banjo, English concertina etc., or simply human voice, with a view to starting up a new U3A group.      Several of you may have played or sung, perhaps in in your youth, and may welcome the chance to get back into it now that you have time. If so please contact me.          Ian Campbell

Ballroom Dancing:       A small group of Knole dancing enthusiasts are rekindling their skills of years ago by meeting fortnightly at the Medway School of Dancing for an hour’s tuition to go over the basic steps of Ballroom and Latin.  The cost is in proportion to the group size. We are looking for additional members, particularly male, to make the group viable.       Lesley & Richard Jolly

Knole Debating Society:       The aim here is for members to research an issue and then present arguments for different views to the group. To encourage others the first topic could be something general on which there could be a difference of opinion such as Grammar schools, fox hunting, inherited wealth or the advantages of marriage as opposed to cohabiting; the aim being to encourage general debate. There would be one or two people for and against and then plenty of opportunity for others to express an opinion. At this stage the aim is to keep the group fairly small and encourage people to have a chance to speak off the cuff rather than undertaking lots of research.      Meetings may be held 2-3 times a year to allow appropriate time for research and preparation. The scope for debates involving other local U3As is being explored.                Sheila Campbell

Painting and Drawing – 2:       Our first painting and drawing group is now full and a waiting list has been initiated to hopefully get sufficient numbers to start a second group. If you are interested please contact the Groups Coordinators. In particular we would like someone who has the confidence and skill to organise the practical aspects. (They need not be the group contact). Alternatively the group might develop making use of available internet tuition packages or each member agreeing to research a technique and then pass on the skill to other members. The Group Coordinators are also exploring the potential to establish a shared group with another local U3A group.                                      Peter Smith

Ideas for potential new groups seeking interested members to help establish them

Desktop Publishing

Interest in this topic was raised by a number of new members but we need to find someone with experience to lead this before it can get off the ground. If you are willing to help please contact one of the Groups Coordinators.

Geology and Geography

A number of U3As have thriving geology/geography groups studying and researching a wide range of topics. Aim would be for members to research an area and give a talk to the group. In addition the group might like to kick off the work of the group with invited speakers to stimulate discussion and develop a programme for the next couple of years. Also there is considerable scope to have field trips in the area, which following appropriate research, could be led by members. We have 2-3 interested members but need around 8-10 to make establishing it worthwhile.

Practical Gardening Skills e.g. propagation, grafting, vegetable and flower growing – many of our members are keen gardeners and have hard-won skills to pass on to others who are perhaps just starting to dip their toes into gardening following retirement. The aim might be to visit each other’s gardens during the spring and summer months to pick up tips and tricks to improve garden skills.

Naval History – England has a strong naval history and many parts of Kent have had strong links to the navy. Aim would be to research topics and give short presentations to the group on both the people, traditions, associated politics, together with famous naval battles that helped create the Empire.

Kent History – Kent is rich in history given its position close to London and an important gateway to the Continent. The aim would be for each member (or group of members) to research a range of topics and give a short presentation to the other group members – or even a bigger forum such as our Monthly meeting!

Second Singing Group – Singing is a very popular activity in U3As and there would appear to be a demand to initiate a second group. Some singing groups seem to get by with using recorded music while others prefer to have an accompanist. There may also be a demand to focus on a particular aspect of singing/music rather than a wide variety of songs as currently practiced with our Singing for Pleasure group. If you are interested in helping start a new singing group either to sing, play music or both let the Groups Coordinators know at the Open afternoon or even before!

These are just a few of the potential topics that may be attractive to a number of members to make it worthwhile establishing new groups to develop. Please contact the Groups Coordinators to register your interest in helping establish them – or other topics that you feel may attract interest. They may also be the option of holding a study day on the topic(s) to help the group focus on the areas of most interest.