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Study Group Timetable

Study Group Timetable July 2017

MorningAfternoonWhole Day
MondayAmblers (2nd)
Amblers 2 (3rd)
Film Group (4th)
Gallery Studies 2 (may vary)
Half Day Walking 2 (2nd)
Spanish beginners Y3 (most weeks)
Strollers (1st)
Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour (4th)
Book Group 1 (3rd)
Book Group 3 (1st)
Current Affairs (1st)
English Concertina (Alt weeks)
Genealogy for beginners (3rd)
History (2nd)
Medieval History (2nd)
Day Walk (3rd)
TuesdayDigital Image Manipulation 2nd Year (2nd)
Digital Image Manipulation 3rd Year (3rd)
Gallery Studies 1 (2nd)
Gallery Studies 3 (2nd)
Card and Board Games (2nd)
Garden Group (4th)
Handicrafts (1st)
Lunch Group 2 (1st)
Poetry 1 (3rd)
Theatre Studies (1st)
London Studies 6 (Last)
London Studies 7 (3rd)
WednesdayBook Group 2 (2nd)
French For Improvers (1st and 3rd )
Industrial Heritage (1st)
Poetry 2 (3rd)
Poetry 3 (1st)
Wine Tasting (2nd - evening)
Golf (3rd)
London Studies 1 (Last)
London Studies 2 (2nd)
London Walks 1 (3rd)
ThursdayCoffee Mornings (2nd)
Digital Image Manipulation Y1 (2nd)
Half Day Walking 1 (1st)
Half Day Walking Group 3 (3rd)
Half Day Walking Group 4 (2nd)
Jewellery Making (1st and 3rd)
Money Matters (2nd)
Village Studies (3rd)
Half-day walking 3 (3rd)
Computers (4th)
Crochet for Beginners (for 6 weeks)
Lunch Group 1 (Last)
Mahjong (3rd)
Members Out Together 1 (1st)
Painting And Drawing (2nd)
Science group (1st)

Painting and Drawing (2nd)
London Studies 4 (4th)
London Studies 5 (4th)
FridayBird Watching (2nd)
Spanish Intermediate (Every)
Topical Talks (3rd)

Singing for Pleasure (last)Cycling (4th)
London Studies 3 (3rd)

SaturdayEvening dining group (2nd)
TBAItalian Conversation (Thursday)
Map Reading
Members Out Together 2
Sourdough Bread
Spanish beginners Y2