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Genealogy For Beginners

A group to assist newcomers in researching and collating data to produce ‘Family Trees’. Members learn how to use a Family Tree computer program to store their findings and produce charts and reports. It is necessary to have either a desktop or laptop.    John Phillips:  3rd Monday, 2-4

Historic Houses

We are a small group interested in finding out about and visiting historic houses. During the course of the last year we learned more about the Huguenots in Spitalfields, and further improved our knowledge of the architecture of the 18th century at Benjamin Franklin’s house. We started into the 19th century with Sir John Soane, and ventured further with Thomas Carlyle, the Linley Sambournes and Lord Leighton; before turning back to the 17th century at Ham and at Restoration House. We meet generally on the third Monday of the month, in advance of our visits, for an enjoyable discussion at which we share knowledge about where we are going next and plan future visits. Visits are made according to when houses are open and members available. We have in mind to perhaps focus more on a theme next year, possibly Art Deco, Art Nouveau houses, but that will be determined when we meet in September. 

John Stambollouian:  Meetings: 3rd Monday

History Group    

We are the recently emerged ‘History Group Two’, who used to be known as the ‘ Medieval History Group Two’.  We have moved on and are at present a group of ten like-minded people who come together at the Bullfinch Pub on a monthly basis to research, look back, and with the benefit of hindsight, discover some of the lives lived by our ancestors the ‘Tudors’.  Our group is always lively and interesting so far having covered many topics – Health, Spies lies and the Wages of Sin, ‘Cecil’, Medieval Widowhood and much more with more to come!!!    We meet at 2pm on the second Monday of each month excluding August.

Jackie Johnson       Meetings: 2nd Monday 2-4

Industrial Heritage

The aim of this group is to study Kent’s industrial heritage through field studies, talks and visits to sites across the county. The group is gradually widening its scope outside the Kent area. Subjects planned for 2017-18 includes The Building Stones of Kent, Geology’s Influence on the Architecture of Kent, The Watermills of the Darenth Valley, Printing, the canals of Kent, and the influence of the Navy on Industries in Kent. The format of the meetings is that one or two members research the topic and then give a talk to the group.       Alan Heyes:       Meetings: 1st Wednesday, 2-4pm for talks in Holmesdale Bowls Club, Worships Hill, Riverhead, TN13 2AS, and half-day/day for technical visits across the county and London in the summer months.

Medieval History 1

Our objective has always been to understand the way people lived in the Middle Ages and to relate this to our current world.    “Blood and Roses” a summary of the Paston family’s saga written by Helen Castor perfectly met this test. We were amazed how little has changed – other than the “props.” Family letters that testify to 100 years of effort to move from a churl to companion of the king – all held together by an indefatigable mother who never gave up! Also puts the Wars of the Roses into perspective and the impact these had on every-day life. Richard 111 shrinks into a relatively minor figure.      Geoffrey Dalton:      Meetings: 2nd Monday, 2 – 4, Bar Room at Community Centre