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French For Improvers

At the moment we have ten members and would welcome a few more. Members have a range of abilities in French, but meetings are not suitable for complete beginners. We have a native French speaker who helps to correct our usage and pronunciation and also gives us a dictation. Sometimes we read from a collection of short plays and translate them. We read a range of other material in French from various sources and translate it.  Lucy Hall: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 2.30 – 4

French Conversation

Are you someone who enjoys speaking in French and needs to have an occasional immersion in the language to keep the words ticking over?      So far, this group is a small one but we would love to welcome more to join us. We try to have conversations totally in French (though the occasional lapse happens every time). Discussions may be prompted by short readings or newspaper articles. This is a delightful way to spend a couple of hours once a month whilst simultaneously exercising that French side of our brains. We would welcome new members. Lesley Lee:           dates to suit members, usually once a month

Italian Conversation

This is a friendly group whose members enjoy the opportunity to improve their Italian. All have some knowledge of basic Italian grammar and different levels of experience of learning the language.    Members are encouraged to participate with discussion, reading and helping each other when we get stuck. We meet for 2 hours in each other’s houses. It is an informal but supportive group and the meetings are most entertaining.   Lesley Lee: Twice a month on Thursday

Spanish For Beginners Year 2

This second Beginners Spanish group started in early 2016 and currently consists of 4 members who are learning Spanish from scratch aided by a member who has been studying it for many years.   Margaret Warren-Axe:   Meetings every fortnight

Spanish For Beginners Year 3

This group started in 2015 and consists of 8 members who have been learning Spanish from scratch aided by a member who has been studying it for many years. The lessons are a mixture of conversation, exercises on grammar and verbs, as well as constant revision! We are using the book Living Spanish. 

Marion Hollands:   Meetings:  Most Monday mornings: 10-12. We confirm dates up to three months in advance to show where some Mondays are not possible. Location:   Fawkham.

Spanish Intermediate

    We are a group of 12 members and have one member who is a native Spanish speaker who helps us get to grips with the language. We still use the BBC publication Sueños 2, but spend most time in conversation, listening to recorded Spanish and reading and translating.   Roy Jones:       Every Friday, 10 – 12