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Book Group 1

We are a group of eight who take turns to choose a book leading to a good variety of reading, some challenging, some popular fiction and some non-fiction. The person choosing introduces the book and gives us some background information about the author prior to discussion. Often they bring relevant information downloaded from the internet or other sources to circulate amongst the group.

Christine Cowland     Meetings: 3rd Monday, 3 – 4.30

Book Group 2

We are an informal and friendly group who take it in turns to host a meeting and to choose a book.   This results in a wide range of books and some lively discussions with the added bonus of introducing us to other people’s choice of authors, which we might never have found for ourselves.    Heather Barbour   Meetings: 2nd Wednesday, 2- 4 pm.

Book Group 3

We are a group of six who would welcome a few more members.   We meet in each others houses and compile our programme by bringing suggestions at the beginning of the year.   In this way we have been introduced to some interesting and unusual books that has led to lively discussions.  

Kate Evans      Meetings:  1st Monday 2 – 4

Poetry 1 

We continue to explore poetry’s multi-dimensional landscapes. This year we are going further back in time and our programme includes William Blake, Robert Burns, George Crabbe, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Gray and Alexander Pope. We will also enjoy the poetry of nursery rhymes.    Jean Shepherd   Meetings:  3rd Tuesday, 2 – 4.30

Poetry 2 – First Lines                                                                       

This small friendly group was started in 2012 and most of us were new, or fairly new, to studying poetry.  We have adopted a biographical approach, which recently has been based largely on the Deryn Rees-Jones anthology Modern Women Poets  – but we’ve had lots of ‘free choice’ sessions as well. New members welcome.    Val Rea       Meetings: 3rd Wednesday, 2 – 4

Poetry 3

We are a group of 11 poetry readers who enjoy coming together to think and talk about poets, poetry and the language of poetry. We take it in turns to choose a poet to discuss each month and this has been as varied as 17th Century John Milton to 21st Century Bob Dylan, all in a happy relaxed atmosphere.

Fran Tulett         Meetings: 1st Wednesday, 2-4 pm