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Digital Image Manipulation First Year                             

For beginners who want to learn how to manipulate and make adjustments to digital photographs.    We will work through a different hand-out at each session.  To get the best out of this course you will need to practice between  sessions. We meet at the Holmesdale Bowls Club, Riverhead     Janet Austin:      Thursday: 2nd 10-12.30  at Holmesdale Bowls Club

Digital Image Manipulation Second Year

This is a continuation of the 1st Year Course or for members who already know the basic manipulation skills. We will begin by learning about ‘Layers’ and their many uses and will  work through a different hand-out at each session. To get the best out of this course you will need to practice between sessions.     Janet Austin      Tuesday: 2nd  10-12.30  Holmesdale Bowls Club, Riverhead 
Digital Image Manipulation Plus Third Year                                                   

This is a continuation of the 2nd Year Course. There will be a variety of input including, more Tools, Panoramas and Restoring Old Photographs plus opportunity to share the group members’ knowledge and experience.    Janet Austin      Tuesday: 3rd  10-12.30    Holmesdale  Bowls Club, Riverhead

Digital Camera (Year 5)                                     

The members in our group have experience of Digital Manipulation. Our activities this year will be varied according to the group members’ requests and will include learning about our cameras and going out to take photographs. We hope to continue our learning by experimentation, discussion and input from our members. We meet in each other’s houses.   David Green,   Richard Jolly