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Card and Board Games 

We each bring games that we know and decide on the day who will take part. Sometimes we are learning new games and sometimes we are teaching others.  We are a sociable crowd and occasionally meet for lunch before we play. Games we play are: Cribbage, Rummikub ,Sequence , Qwirkle, Triominoes and Mexican Train. We don’t play Chess or Scrabble as those games can take too long to complete. We are always happy to try new games if anyone wants to bring one along.  Sharon Willmore: 2nd Tuesday, 2.30-4.30 at the Bullfinch pub in Riverhead

Coffee Mornings

We meet at the Bullfinch pub, Riverhead, on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:30am. Some committee members will usually be there to welcome members and prospective members. Do come along and bring a friend.  Enjoy a coffee and a social morning.  There is ample parking. Janet Ford:   Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 10.30 at the Bullfinch, Riverhead

Evening Dining Group

The group meets every second Saturday of the month for conversation and discussion on a wide range of topics. We take it in turns to organise and book a dinner and members must advise the organiser whether they are attending or not so the booking can be confirmed.  Marian O’Boyle:  Meetings: 2nd Saturday, evening

Garden Group

Group members share a love of beautiful gardens and we are fortunate in Sevenoaks to be surrounded by many.  In November members are asked to put forward suggestions for gardens or nurseries they would like to visit and from these we complete a schedule for the year, arranging a guided tour wherever possible. During the months of October and February we sometimes arrange outside speakers to come and talk to the group on various aspects of gardening.  We don’t meet in December and January.  

Debbie Magness:  Meetings:  4th Tuesday, 2-4

Lunch Group 1

Each member takes a turn in arranging a relaxing meal in a pub. There is a waiting list for this group.   Valerie Parker:    Last Thursday, 12.30 for 1

Lunch Group 2

Similar to lunch group 1, each member takes it in turn to organize a lunch at an agreed venue and the members must advise the organiser whether they will attend or not so that a booking can be confirmed.   

Marian O’Boyle     Meetings: 1st Tuesday, 12.30 for 1


We are a thriving group of 21 members who meet monthly in the Otford Village Memorial Hall. We have reached our maximum for the time being but vacancies will occur from time to time and we may decide to start a second group, so we would still welcome enquiries from beginners or more experienced players.   Judith Davies:   3rd Thursday 2 – 4

MOT 1 (Members out Together)

This small friendly group holds a monthly coffee morning on the 1st Thursday of the month to plan outings and activities.  We have a varied and interesting programme throughout the year, which includes historic houses, theatres and concerts.  Each outing is organised by one of the members and the group leader is responsible for contact lists and keeping members informed.  

June McNorton,  Vanessa Butler:     Meetings: 1st Thursday of the month

MOT 2 (Members out Together)

Like to go out but would like company? This group arranges visits to theatre, gardens and exhibitions and days out to places of interest. We meet monthly on a Friday morning to plan activities, aiming for at least one each month and take it in turn to organise an event, collecting ticket money where necessary.  The group contact keeps the contact list and notifies members about meetings.

Margaret Nicholson    Meetings: to suit members

Sourdough Bread 

This is a short half-day course, which is intended for those interested in learning how to make Sourdough bread. Tuition on ordinary bread making for beginners also can be arranged. One to one tuition and guaranteed to take home a loaf plus a starter kit to make your own!    Alan Heyes:   Meetings: at times to suit members

Wine Tasting

The group samples 4-5 wines, in a member’s home, and that person usually chooses and introduces the wines.  We are not experts but all want to learn more in good company with glass in hand. You need to be prepared to do a bit of research when it comes to your turn, and ready to say what you think of a wine – even if no one else agrees. The group has mainly tried wines from different regions such as Chile and Piedmont. Occasionally there are blind tastings, quizzes and comparing a single grape across countries. The wine group which is very convivial, is usually full but a couple of spaces are likely from September onwards. Don’t wait, if you are interested please contact me and get more details.

Michael Stokes         Meetings: 2nd Wednesday evening at 7.30