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Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour 

Current Affairs

The aim is to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues that have a bearing on current events. Members have a range of views that enable us to have balanced debates, drawing on our relevant life experiences, knowledge and interests. At some meetings members present on a topic of their choice selected in advance, while in others we discuss news items which have caught members’ attention.   David Small:    Meetings: 1st Monday, 2.30 – 4.30 at the Bullfinch, Riverhead

Genealogy For Beginners

A group to assist newcomers in researching and collating data to produce ‘Family Trees’. Members learn how to use a Family Tree computer program to store their findings and produce charts and reports. It is necessary to have either a desktop or laptop.   John Phillips:      Meetings: 3rd Monday, 2-4

Industrial Heritage

The aim of this group is to study Kent’s industrial heritage through field studies, talks and visits to sites across the county. The group is gradually widening its scope outside the Kent area. Subjects planned for 2017-18 includes The Building Stones of Kent, Geology’s Influence on the Architecture of Kent, The Watermills of the Darenth Valley, Printing, the canals of Kent, and the influence of the Navy on Industries in Kent. The format of the meetings is that one or two members research the topic and then give a talk to the group.   The talks are held in Holmesdale Bowls Club, Worships Hill, Riverhead, TN13 2AS. 

Alan Heyes:     Meetings: 1st Wednesday, 2-4pm for talks, and half-day/day for technical visits across the county and London in the summer months.

Money Matters                                                                                                    

We are finding an enormous number of subjects worthy of consideration but accept we must prioritise those of real interest to our members. Accordingly, after a rather riotous meeting recently we have established a list of topics for the next twelve months including Inheritance Tax, Adult Social Care, Women and money, fraud in an online world, Impact of Robots etc.    Our format requires one, perhaps two, members to spend half an hour launching a topic and relying on everyone to join the fray. Hopefully we will all learn something of value and have fun and, indeed excitement at the same time. It is a formula that certainly seems to work.

Geoffrey Dalton:  Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 10-12, Bar Room at Community Centre

Topical Talks

This is not a current affairs group, although most of our discussions do relate to the way we live now and the individual and corporate decisions we make. Our aim is to promote lively and free flowing discussion on moral and ethical issues, topical and historical. Members undertake research presenting a case for or against their chosen topic to stimulate discussion amongst the group.   

Sylvia Tillotson:  Meetings:  3rd Friday in the month at The Bullfinch, Riverhead,  from 11am till 1pm.

Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour

Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour consists of a course of 24 lectures with accompanying notes by Professor Mark Leary (a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience). The aim is to listen to the lectures on CDs and then discuss the content.  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Jenny Burton.   Meetings:   4th Monday 10 a.m.   in Hildenborough.